Faux Shiplap Accent Wall

There were several reasons we bought this house, but honestly if the living room wasn't so open, with these high ceilings and beam, I don't think I would have seen the potential. Obviously myself, and half of the country, are obsessed with Fixer Upper and the famous shiplap walls. They're clean, classic, farmhouse, and they add interest to a plain wall. After finishing this latest DIY I could not be more obsessed with this space!

Here was the before. It had still come a long way, but it needed a little boost. Plus, this was the last remaining wall that was this annoying shade of yellow beige. 

The boards were really easy. I got three (ended up needing four because of all the angle cuts) pieces of plywood. These are light and thin, so they don't require you to redo your baseboards or stick out too far on the wall. If you were doing a space where you wouldn't see the sides, this wouldn't matter as much, but for my space in particular, where you walk on both the left and right, it did. I had them cut the boards down to 8 inch pieces. ***The last strip won't be a full 8 inches*** I used these odd ball sized ones to make some of my angled pieces. 

Going around the light switches or air vents was the hardest part. I literally have two different saws on my Christmas list. I do too many projects to not have a good set up. I used a jig saw for these littler cuts and a miter saw for the angled ones. 

For my spacers I taped together two pennies. You could use the ones they sell for tiling, but these worked just as well for me. I used painters tape to help me make sure the boards were all lined up before I started nailing. We used a nail gun and you can see how I have the painters tape mapped out for where the studs are. 

In my wall's case, it made sense to start working from the bottom up to make sure the boards were straight. If you were working on a normal, rectangular wall I would start from the top and go down so that the space that isn't blocked by furniture was sure to be straight.  

You can see we're almost there! I actually thought that this top part would be horrible. One, because of being on a ladder and two, because of all the angles. We actually ended up being able to create a template of the angle and used it to map out each of the boards to get them to line up with the ceiling. It wasn't the favorite part of my day, but it wasn't bad. 

All of the boards are up! I sanded a few parts, spackled a few mistakes, and then got to painting! I was really hoping with the wood being pretreated it would only take one coat, but unfortunately I had to do two. Again, not actually a big deal, but I'm not the biggest fan of working on a ladder.  

Then it was done! We got everything back in place, and the windows are actually more secure now that they have a little bit more to hold onto other than drywall. It adds so much more character to the space, and the bright white wall goes perfectly with my freshly painted gray ones. 

I'm absolutely thrilled with this project. For less than $100 we were able to make a huge change to this space and now we have an amazing focal point in the room. I will say, Aaron asked if we could maybe not do quite so big of a project for a little bit. With Christmas decorations to put up and parties to be had I'd say that's fair :) However, doesn't mean I can't do my own little projects, right?