Half Bath Update


I am currently kicking myself for not getting a good before picture of this bathroom. I will say, I have seen worse, and have had worse (remember the periwinkle stripes?), but it was not cute enough that the realtor didn’t even bother posting a photo on the listing when we moved in LOL

So this is a partial before photo. to give you an idea, it had a long old fashioned mirror, that I took down, I think the first day we lived there. I couldn’t handle it. Oh and the walls were blue, which in and of itself would have been fine. But they were blue with GLITTER in it. Don’t worry the ceiling is still sparkly, but I no longer paint ceilings after finishing my office, so we’re going to have to pay someone someday to fix that for me. Do me a favor, and just don’t look up ok?

The room was pretty small and dark, with an old fashioned brass light fixture, brass faucet, brass towel rack, you get the idea. It also didn’t have any sort of shelf. Which is not weird in and of itself, but if you’ll notice, it’s a pedestal sink. So there is no where to fit a soap dispenser….so I added a shelf.


This bathroom update wasn’t a super long list. I just wanted it to be brighter, and up to date.

Project List

  1. Paint walls

  2. Change mirror

  3. Change light fixture

  4. Add shelf for soap

  5. Change vent cover, outlet covers, & towel rack

  6. Change faucet & shut off valves

  7. Add bead board, trim, and paint


So my thought with this room, was even though I couldn’t make it any bigger or add a window, I could certainly make it brighter. I think with all the white it reflects the light much better, and even though my husband hates the mint color, I think it’s nice. We’ll see!


We changed the water shut offs to some more modern looking ones since you can see them exposed behind the sink, and changed out the faucet too. I like crystal but not necessarily the fake plastic kind in my handles. The bead board was fitted behind the sink and toilet, and then trim was added to polish it off. The gaps were filled in with caulk and then I sanded down the bead board to try and make it a smoother finish. Or at least eliminate the risk for splinters.


LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!!! It’s very simple, but I tend to over decorate, so I didn’t want to do that in such a small space. The only think I am debating adding is some sort of black and white quote print, perhaps on the wall with the TP holder, across from the sink and toilet wall? Any suggestions?

I love this rug my mom found too, ironically the blue in it still matches the ceiling. Oh well, that’s a project for another day :)


So happy with how it turned out! One of my projects to do, maybe this fall, is going to be to paint all the interior doors and change the hardware. I can’t decide on a color though, so all opinions are welcome!! I am thinking, dark gray, black, or even am considering a darker green color. Help me choose!