Myrtle Beach


So as with anything with motherhood, I’m a little delayed in posting these photos. I am so grateful that we decided to take some time away together as our little family of three. We had one heck of a summer between our jobs, Parker’s MRI and tubes placement, and Aaron’s mom passing away, so some time to just step back and sit still (I say this figuratively with a toddler), was so restorative.

Parker is a fearless water baby. He was obsessed with the sand and ocean and we spent most of the week convincing him not to crawl out into it! What I told everyone, is that this was not a vacation, but a trip with a toddler! LOL

He did so amazing though, especially for how long he had to sit in the car. Aaron and I enjoyed just watching him play and explore, chasing him around, and seeing him experience the ocean for the first time. We also watched a ton of tv and the three of us took turns napping! :)

We went to Parker’s first aquarium, which if you know Aaron and I, you know that’s one of our favorite things to do! We actually went to one the weekend that we got engaged and pretty much on every trip we’ve taken since. I love watching Parker’s wide eyes take everything in! I want to take him to the zoo this fall and see if he thinks that’s just as fun!

We also had no idea what to do with this baby’s hair this whole trip. With the wind and sun and water it was always in his face. So we rocked a man bun a few days, and finally got him another haircut when we got back home. That’s three haircuts by 15 months. And he doesn’t like getting it done at all so there’s that :)


We are so incredibly blessed by this little bundle of joy and as any parents are, we are convinced he is the smartest, most handsome, best kid around. So thankful we made time to get away and be all together!