Bathroom Shiplap Nooks


So our master bathroom is the very last item on our list for renovation. It will be years before we can gut it, and we have so many other projects that we want to do before touching this space. But the 90’s beige was really starting to drive me nuts.

So what do I do when I want a cheap fix to a space? Paint. What am I doing 90% of my life? Painting :)

I decided to make a few little accent walls with shiplap I had in this room. I thought about painting the whole room white, but it felt like it would be too much, so I opted for a light green color. As you can tell from the quality of these photos (someday I need to get an actual camera) , there is not any natural light in here, so brightening up the space and making it seem more purposeful was the priority.


I started with this nook behind the toilet. It seemed like it was just crying out for some shiplap, and who am I to deny a space some wood accents?


You can see the transition away from beige to that green color. It was nice to paint before butting up the trim so I didn’t have to painters tape the edges. Normally I don’t need tape, but with the trim I would have.

This biggest thing I’ve learned while doing my version of shiplap these last few years, it the finished is what makes the difference. By trimming it out and making it seamless, it really makes it look intentional and well done.


LOOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE WHITE PAINT MAKES. Again, I apologize for this horrible image quality, but the space looks so much cleaner and bright, even with adding a color to the walls.


Next up was floating shelves to give us somewhere else for towel storage. These are from hobby lobby. I’ve made them before, but these are well priced and sturdy so I was happy with this option.


ANNNND if you give a mouse a cookie. I decided that I wanted another wall, so this space above our giant goofy tub got a facelift too!


So good, right!?! I may not have my clawfoot tub yet, but I’m hoping to close my eyes and pretend for a little while at least.


And then Parker’s corner, because let’s be real, he’s the one who uses this space LOL


So there you have it. Another way to use shiplap to brighten up a space. I’m hoping to put one more wall of it behind our vanity, but we need some electrical work done before that can happen. So now I’m off to painting the next thing. All of our doors!