Master Bedroom Before & After


Putting together these posts may be a bit harder than I thought! Between changing diapers and feeding Parker around the clock, getting things cleaned and packed is keeping me crazy busy! I'm trying not to drink too much caffeine since I'm breast feeding, but I see some exceptions being made over the next three weeks (Which is how much time we have until we move, eek!) 

SO let me try and list out what all we did to our master to make it our own. You can see in the photo below it was pretty plain. The trim on the ceiling was painted the same brown as the walls (which turned out to be pink underneath it. Aaron and I always argued about whether it was brown or pink. Come to discover it was both). The ceiling fan was so shiny it looked like something you would see orbiting in space. And other than that there wasn't much to it. 


    Project List

    • Painted the room and trim (we did one wall white and the others gray)
    • Change out the ceiling fan
    • Hung new curtains higher and wider than window
    • Installed blackout blinds
    • Installed barn doors
    • Painted vanity
    • Installed new hardware
    • Framed bathroom mirror
    • Painted bathroom
    • Installed new shower
    • Replaced shower head
    • Painted doors and replaced hardware
    • And then obviously all the shelves and decor we added

    To see how we created our shiplap wall, click here!

    To see how to build a barn door click here and to install it, click here!


    You can see here that the bedroom just opened up to the bathroom. We didn't like that from a sound perspective with the skylight and it was just odd to stare at the sink. So that's when we came up with the barn doors. They really turned this side of the room into a statement, instead of an awkward layout. I'm going to need at least a couple barn doors at our new house if we're leaving these behind!


    The shower was super basic and outdated. I also honestly felt like I could never get it truly cleaned. Even though it was expensive, I'm really glad that we decided to replace the whole thing!


    So that's the Master before and after. It's been such a sanctuary of a space, I'm really hoping to recreate something similar in our new home, but slightly different just to change things up. Any ideas? Send them my way, I'd love your imput!