Shiplap Accent Wall

So I promise this is the last shiplap wall I do for a little while. But I'm not sorry :) I added this wall in our master bedroom. The room is gray and I tried painting the main wall a really pretty navy, with gold accents, but with our furniture, it just didn't pop like I wanted it to. So after doing several walls at my cousin's house, I decided I needed another one too. 

With the barn doors on one side of the room, and the shiplap on the other, I really think it gives the space that little extra something that you want in a master. 

So instead of having to paint this entire wall (literally painted it blue, maybe two months ago), I painted the gaps as I went. Again, I used the Sureply boards because they are already lightly primed white, but I had these ones cut into 10 inch strips, so the boards were a little wider. I had some real fun pieces I had to cut around the window with the jigsaw (how do I not own more options for saws yet? Better yet, how do I not have a work bench?) But over all this was one of the easier rooms because it was an actual rectangular wall, rather than my crazy triangle of a living room. 

You can see I just worked my way up from the bottom (and again failed to measure correctly to prevent me from having to cut an annoyingly sized piece to finish the wall. I swear I measured more than twice). Using a nail gun was my saving grace. It would have taken three times as long to do by hand, plus would have been impossible to do by myself. 

I could not be more please with the results. It is so crisp and bright in this room now, and when it's sunny it's just an absolute dream.