Spare Bedroom Before & After

This room is one of my favorites, even though we don't actually have guests over a ton since most of our family lives in town. But between this giant bison print and the huge barn door to replace the bifold doors, I'm obsessed. We pass a bison farm (along with many other farms) on the way to our house, and somewhere along the way Aaron and I became obsessed :) 


You can see in these before photos that the room was just pretty basic. I also never realized just how many homes had bifold doors in them. It was like an epidemic of the 90's. The new house has sevearl of them too, and I can't very well put a barn door on every one, but I'm going to have to figure something out!



1. Painted the room
2. Painted the entry door and changed hardware
3. Changed out the light fixture (and every other light fixture in our home. Oy.) 
4. Took down the bifold doors & replaced it with the barn door
5. Hung new curtains and decor

You can check out how we built our own barn door here and how we hung it here


Fun fact, these dressers are actually Aaron's grandparents from their childhood that I painted and changed out the knobs. In theory I would like to upgrade to something new, but I kind of like that these have a little bit of history to them!


That's the spare bedroom! I just have always really liked this space and found it to be relaxing and a great place for a nap. And a good place to send Aaron to when his snoring shakes the walls :) :) :)