How to Make A Barn Door

So on my long list of home improvements, getting rid of the white bifold doors we had in our spare bedroom was one of them. Even if you paint them, there really isn't a whole lot you can do to make bifold doors okay. So we decided, in the spirit of adding a little rustic charm to each room, that an oversized barn door would be an awesome piece to take their place!

Building the door was extremely straight forward. I bought seven 8 inch boards for the vertical pieces, had two skinny vertical pieces to frame the door, and had two eight inch boards to place horizontally, cut to the 56 inches that is the width of slightly larger than the closet. For my diagonal piece, I waited to cut that until I got home and laid everything out. We used hex-head screws to connect everything, because I purposefully wanted you to see the hardware. You could also have used nuts and bolts just as easily. 

So here you can see me lining the vertical boards up with the top piece. My door had to be a specific width so that you could get to all parts of the closet so I used the top board to be the exact length I needed and then the framing pieces to make the vertical boards match. 

Now that I had the basic shape assembled, came the only hard part of the door construction. The diagonal piece was not an exact 45 degree angle, so we had a friend help us with his table saw to get the corners right. How do I not have a functioning table saw yet you ask? I have no idea either. 

The last bits were staining everything to match and adding the hardware. I got the hardware from Tractor Supply this time, and it was significantly cheaper than what you can find at commercial hardware stores and online. I think the whole project, start to finish for the door and hardware cost me around $175. Not too shabby when it takes up an entire wall. You can check out my how to explanation on how to do the barn door hardware here

So that's it! We were able to get rid of one of the things that dated the house the most, and replace it with one of my favorite things in the house! If you have any questions, shoot them my way, and I would love to see your own before and afters!