DIY Pipe Shelving

So after some inspiration from a friend's kitchen project, I got motivated to work on our master bathroom. Just because we can't afford to gut the shower right now, doesn't mean we can't give it a facelift. So on Sunday I impromptu decided to paint the whole room bright white, repaint the baseboards, paint and reorient the door so that it opens outward, and build some super simple shelves. Someone get me a Xanax. Working on the house is relaxing for me, I swear. Still waiting for someone to hook me up with a way I can do this for a living and still support my family.

ANYWAY. Super easy shelf project, for a clean, industrial look. For each shelf you are creating, you need two floor mounts, two caps, and two equal bars. The ones I used were the 1/2" x 10". I found a reasonably thick board for cheap and had them cut it into two foot pieces. 

It's pretty self explanatory, but you can see I first spaced out the floor mounts equally and screwed them into the wall. Then I attached each post and cap. 

Then I literally set the shelves on top. I considered staining them, but I honestly liked that they were light and natural looking. The whole space is a lot brighter, and these shelves are no exception. They're heavy enough and with the stuff on top they don't move at all. You would have to seriously bump into them to knock them over, and they're high enough that I don't see that happening!  And yes I know I need something else on that top shelf, I just haven't found the right brick-a-brack to put there yet. And yes Aaron hates that phrase. 

So that's it! Now I've gone from hating my whole bathroom, to merely hating my bathroom. I'm contemplating teaching myself to tile, the the whole waterproofing aspect has me questioning it. Thoughts? Experiences? Drop me a comment below!