Interior Door Upgrade

What a difference paint can make! I decided to take all of my upstairs doors and give them a bit of an upgrade. I finally got the color of gray that I wanted, after mixing together every can of paint I had until I liked it. For those of you that aren't quite as paint obsessed as I am, I was then able to take the can of paint I'd created to the hardware store and they can literally SCAN the color I'd created and made me another gallon to match. And yes, I find that extremely cool. 

This picture doesn't do the doors a ton of justice, but you can see what a contrast they are to one another. What you can't see is 25 years of dirt and grim on the white door. Plus, you know my love of brass. 

I used satin on the doors and so far, no finger prints noticable! I have a friend who painted all of her doors, only to discover after they were all done and hung back up, that the paint showed every little finger print. 

I think there is only like five or six things left in the house with this old, dated brass. Don't get me wrong, I love gold, and all things having to do with antiques. Just all this brass hardware and light fixtures had to go! I think it's safe to say I'm a "doorknob install expert" after 10 completed upstairs doors. Today, I'm even going to attempt to drill a hole for one in our new basement door. (I will gladly accept volunteers). 

Even this silly folding door looks so much better with a coat of paint and a new handle. And the fact that I cleaned out the closet for the first time in two years so things don't topple over on you every time you open it, is just an added bonus. 


The whole upstairs really looks a lot more put together and especially CLEAN. Unfortunately, now I want to paint my walls and baseboards... Whoops.