DIY Gold Branches

I am of the opinion that anything can be made classier by paint. Furniture, frames, and apparently even branches. I really want to try and find some figurines or toys and spray paint them gold as well. Future project perhaps...

Anyway, I am always wanting to change things up with my decor, particularly my centrepiece.  I usually change out the flowers per season, but I wanted something different that didn't cost me anything. 

Literally got these from the backyard, and cleaned them off. Spray paint cost less than $5 and I've got plenty left over for future projects. I've used this drop cloth for more projects than I can count. It's a real thick canvas material and I've had it several years. 100% worth $30. 

All I did was spray paint both sides and let it dry over night!

I literally put sticks in a pitcher. But because they're gold I love them. Plus I love how simple this is, and the height is great!

Of course I can't help messing around with table runners (can't get enough, I love them), and mixing and matching other knick knacks to pair with it. Overall it took no time, and was a great way to change things up for next to nothing!