Wedding Photo Booth

Our photo booth was one of the best things we made at our wedding. Not only was it a lot of fun for pictures with everyone, but it also kept the kids we invited busy for hours!

First step was getting a whole bunch of props. This is the aftermath after several hours of children playing. We hit up dollar tree around Halloween and got tons of tiaras, boas, cowboy hats, ect! I then made and ordered props to hold up on sticks with silly glasses, lips and mustaches. Add in a few chalkboard signs and crazy sunglasses and you've got yourself photo booth props!

So this is what it actually looked like. We had two friends that had agreed to take the photos for the booth for the night, and the pictures are hilarious to look back through. It basically consists of a wooden wall with support stands. We were lucky enough that a friend had already built the actual frame, and I just redecorated it because it had been in a shed for a while. 

I put on wallpaper for the background (probably my first and only time messing with wallpaper, at least for a while. Quite the challenge). It had been painted and wallpapered before, so this seemed like the easiest and cleanest way to freshen it up. 

Then the holes had been cut to slightly smaller than the size of each frame. I just spray painted each frame and glued them on there with some heavy duty hardware store adhesive. 

Last, I just used one of those party store table covers to make it where you couldn't see people feet. All of the pictures were zoomed in anyway, but I thought it looked a little nicer. 

Literally it kept the kids busy for hours. Plenty of adults got their turn too though! Was so glad we did this, and as I said it was super easy! Made for some really fun pictures, to mix in with all of the formal ones!