You Know You're a Type A Personality When...


1. It really upsets you when people use the wrong to/too/two or there/their/they're.

2. Your life consists of giant color-coded calendars and never ending to-do lists.

3. You don't understand why someone would see a text or email and not immediately respond.

4. You have to have a plan for each day, even if it is just a guideline.

5. Everything has a home, and you don't get why you wouldn't put something back in it's place.

6. For example, tossing keys next to the bucket where the keys go drives you insane. You try not to let it bother you, but you end up having to pick it up and put it in the right spot. 

7. There is no, "Oh, that will work fine." You have to be the best. 

8. Being told to relax is a joke. Even when you're relaxing you still have to be doing something.

9. "I can't" is not a part of your vocabulary.

10. You will never understand starting a project right before it's due. They gave you time for a reason.

11. You can multitask like it's your job.

12. You think you can control everything. And get upset when you can't. 

13. You're overly competitive. There is nothing more important than winning, even with something small like boardgames. You try and laugh it off like you don't care, but inside you hate that you just lost. 

14. You hate group projects. Odds are you'll end up doing all the work anyway. 

15. Clutter makes you cringe.

16. You don't understand how someone can't get as much done in a day as you can.

17. When you see the mail icon on someone's phone has over 10,000 unread emails you want to cry.

18. Post it's rule your life.

19. When you will sacrifice sleep to finish a project so that you don't leave something unfinished before you go to bed. Even though it doesn't have to be done by the next day. 

20. You're prone to being stressed. You worry. Alot. 

21. You're a perfectionist. Mainly because blemishes, inconsistencies, and mistakes bother you. 

22. You love managing a project or an event. It's the perfect adrenaline rush for an organization, time-line junkie. Plus you get to boss people around. 

23. You're the one people want with them when they move. They hate you during it, but always end up saying thank you afterwards.

24. Waiting in long lines kills you a little inside. Especially if there are a million registers around, all not open. 

25. When I couldn't end this list on a random number like 24, so I had to make this a number 25 on my list. You are slightly crazy, OCD, and pushy. But people love how driven, accomplished, and passionate you are. 

Here's to all my fellow type A friends! What would you add to the list?