KY & Alpha Delta Pi

So if you know me at all, you'll quickly realize that I am obsessed with Kentucky. Well my little sister is just as equally obsessed with her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. So pairing a cute necklace and T-shirt with a simple skirt seemed like a no brainer for us both! 

I love that both of our outfits are comfortable, but put together. Our necklaces are both by Dayna U. They make sterling silver college jewelry for over 100+ schools and sororities and they would make a great gift to give to your littles! Or for people like myself who are crazy over their state as a whole. lol I'm working on adding skirts to my closet as a way for me to be considered dressed up when I don't feel like it. Which is more often than not :D Plus any excuse to spend time with my sister before she heads off back to school is a win!

Necklaces | Dayna U
Bourbon KY shirt | Gifthorse 
Sorority Shirt | College Graffiti
Striped Skirt | Old Navy
Denim Skirt | Forever 21 Similar