Being a new mom is so many things. Amazing, incredible, rewarding, challenging, and also time consuming. I've learned to eat quicker, shower faster, and am able to get myself ready in five minutes flat. A lot of that is thanks to Deka Lash. With my full set of eyelash extensions I can get up and go with just a swipe of blush. Which for this new momma, who has to get up at five to go work in the operating room, and is up throughout the night with her newborn, is priceless. 

I wanted to try them out for several weeks before I gave my full report on my experience to you all. You know I only work with companies I fully recommend, but I can say I 100% recommend this place! Starting at the front door, it is nothing but class. The decor is on point, the place is spotless, and their staff are super sweet. 


You get to lay on these giant chairs with your feet propped up and eyes closed while they are working on you. Umm, yes please. Especially  for someone who is surviving on a minimal amount of sleep, time to sit and relax is golden. Heck, I'd be happy to go there and just take a nap, even without getting my lashes done! 

The initial full set application took around 2 hours. The fill in which normally is between every 2-3 weeks (I am able to wait 3 weeks!) takes 30-45 minutes. It was honestly something I was looking forward to, and was really nice to just have a moment to myself. I love my baby Parker with all my heart, but it has been really nice to set aside some time to do something just for me!


There are all sorts of options when it comes to styles, so you can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. I opted for the Glamour lashes my first visit because I wanted something noticeable and didn't want to have to bother with mascara. This added both length and curl to my natural eyelashes and then I was able to pick the style. My second visit I actually went with the True Volume Lashes, which have three lashes for every lash they attach. So they are super full right now!


I cannot tell you how many people have complemented me on them and asked if they were real, because they look so natural, but are so long! Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood in general, can really take a toll on your self esteem about your appearance. Stretch marks, loose skin, changing pant sizes, and constant bags under your eyes, just to name a few. So to wake up with a fresh face, with pretty eyes has been so refreshing. 

Here you can see my before and afters and what a difference it makes! Impressive, right? 


I wouldn't trade my life with my little family for the world. I would live through a thousand more sleepless nights (and probably will) if that means getting this little bundle of joy. But that doesn't mean I have to look that way! 

Seriously guys, I cannot recommend Deka Lash enough. It's such a treat for yourself and absolutely makes such a difference. I'm pretty much living in a ponytail these days (how do they figure out how to pull hair so young?) But my eye makeup in on point. 


Check them out at Deka Lash in Westport Village! Also a special shoutout to Alisia Lopez for doing an amazing job! She’s so fun to talk to and great at what she does! For anyone local, use the discount code RAYOME to take $20 off a classic set of lashes at the Westport location only.


1321 Herr Lane
Suite 155
Louisville, KY 40222