My 50 Item Bucket List

One of my favorite things to do is dream about the future. Sometimes I get too caught up in that, that I miss what's going on right in front of me. There is a time for dreaming, and time for loving the life you live right now. These are some fun goals and hopes that I want to accomplish as we grow old together! I'm sure there are a ton more, but here are my top 50!

1. Backpack through Europe. 
(hoping to go see my sister while she is teaching in France!)

2. White Water Rafting

3. Own & restore and old farmhouse

4. Learn how to play the piano
(technically I took it in college but lets be serious, we can't count that)

5. Visit Central Park

6. Visit Africa (and maybe bring home a little one)

7. Run a Mini Marathon

8. See Stonehenge

9. Attend a rodeo

10. Pay off all debt

11. Travel cross country in an airstream
(preferably one I restored!)

12. Have children

13. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

14. Scuba Dive

15. Get a tattoo 
Check! (& maybe another one)

16. Get a tea cup pig
(have you seen Chris P Bacon? If you haven't you should.)

17. Walk Abbey Road
Check! (I would be the second blue blob on the left)

18. Learn to cook

19. Float in the Dead Sea 

20. See the Grand Canyon

21. Graduate College

22. Own a successful small business
(working on it!)

23. Do the KY Bourbon Trail

24. Swim with Dolphins

25. See the Redwoods

26. Learn Pottery

27. Go to a Drive in Movie

28. Parasail

29. Learn how to bake homemade bread
(damn yeast)

30. Bartend

31. Eat in a world famous chef's restaurant

32. Buy a kayak

33. Learn sign language

34. Build a tiny house

35. Learn how to shoot a gun

36. Survive paintball

37. Take a self defense class

38. Step foot in all 7 continents

39. Tour a vineyard

40. Attend the KY Derby

41. Walk the Las Vegas Strip

42. Go Skiing 

43. See the Northern Lights

44. Drink at the Guinness Brewery in Ireland

45. Own a wrap around porch with a sunroom

46. Rescue a dog
Check! x2!

47. Fly first class

48. Ride a mechanical bull

49. Visit the Holy Lands

50. Get married

Ten out of fifty isn't bad for 24!  What from this list have you done? What would be on yours?