Baby Rayome Maternity Photos


So as we literally are counting the days until baby boy's arrival (39 weeks and counting), I'm looking back over how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. I feel like I just found out and surprised Aaron, and now we literally have the hospital bags in the car, just in case. It's been a crazy pregnancy in the way of other things going on in our lives, so I'm really grateful to have been pretty much healthy, with manageable symptoms, throughout this process. In nine months we've both changed jobs, including picking up a couple side jobs, my grandpa has been diagnosed with cancer, Aaron had an unexpected surgery, I took a mother-daughter trip to Florida, we finished renovating our stairs and our hallway bathroom (don't forget decorating a nursery!), had seemingly more things break on our house and cars in the past month than I care to recount, and are trying to sort through so many other difficult and annoyingly adult decisions.

So those moments when we get to take a step back, and genuinely be excited for this wonderful, new change coming into our lives, are that much more precious amidst the chaos. We simply cannot wait to meet and snuggle our precious boy. Aaron and I have been together for thirteen years, ever since I was 14 years old. We've gotten to experience so many major life changes side by side, good and bad, hand in hand. I have a feeling this one is going to be the best one yet. I cannot wait to see the amazing father that Aaron is going to be, he already loves his son so fiercely. 

I am lucky enough to have not one, but two, wonderful friends who offered to take maternity photos for us. I'm SO grateful to have images that capture our love for our little boy while we waited for him to arrive! Here are some of my favorites from our two sessions! 

The Rayomes-0010.jpg
The Rayomes-0002.jpg
The Rayomes-0004.jpg
The Rayomes-0013.jpg
The Rayomes-0014.jpg
The Rayomes-0024.jpg

Session Details

Boho Style Session Photographer: Chelcey Tate
Couple Maternity Session Photographer: Ashley Glass
White Maxi Dress: Altar'd State
Cream Floral Dress: Pink Blush
Flowers & Crown: Country Squire Florist
Hair & Make Up: Courtney Tate