Handcrafted Corbels


So I love our little house. When my husband and I walked in for the first time, we both were like, this is the one. However, while it had good bones, it lacked any sort of character. Enter project 10,741. How stinking amazing are these corbels from SeeShellSpace??? I seriously don't know how she did them, they are so perfect! With the white shiplap, and the white beadboard, these add the perfect amount of interest to our previously plain hallway and kicthen openings. 


Just like how??? SO extremely talented and she made sure that the measurements would work right for my specific space. Which I would have had no clue about. 


Here's a before photo to give you an idea of the interest that it adds. No I did not clean my counter off for you :) 

So in theory I should have hung these with liquid nails and finishing nails. But on the small chance this is not our forever home, I wanted a way to take them down easily before we would list it. So these are actually each hung with four crazy strong command strips each and then I used a window sealant of sorts to fill in the gap. So if I want to take them down, I just use a box knife and peel the glue, and then pull the strips off! I realize some of you will be horrified by this, it's not the proper way to hang them, blah, blah, blah. It was easy, it works well, and I want to keep them always. 

Word to the wise though, any sort of construction grade adhesive in your eyes is not a good thing. Especially if you've had lasix. Just ask Aaron, he has some experience now. 


Aren't they just perfect!? I think they flow with everything else that we have chosen to do perfectly. It's like they were meant to be there. Seriously, go check out Shell's page and talk to her. She can help you design something that is perfect for your space!