My First Reupholstered Chair


So my little sister Kayla takes after me more than I probably care to admit. We're definetly made from the same mold. So when she brings home a $20 Goodwill chair that she magically wants to figure out how to reupholster in three days before she leaves for school, I really shouldn't be surprised. 

This beautiful paisley pattern is what we started with. Oh my is right. And I realize we chose a funky pattern to replace it with, but this was a bit much. We liked the yellow fabric because it was fun, CLEAN, but still kept with the general style of the chair and something that it might have actually been covered in. 


So we discovered I am the world worst staple guner (?), staple gun user (?). Whatever it is, I am not skilled. However I could handle the cutting, measuring, and folding, so I left the gun to Kayla. It really wasn't terribly difficult (minus the gun, at one point I shot it across the room and she just took it from me and said I was done). You just had to tack one side down straight, pull tight, and be super careful to avoid creases. 

The tricky part about this one is I could not figure out how the legs or arms disconnected. I didn't want to break it and we were on a time crunch, so we just decided to work around them VERY carefully. 

Being the fellow crazy person she is, Kayla decided that the back of this chair was not soft or comfortable enough, so on top of figuring out how to reupholster the chair, we decided to add some padding as well. Really not too tricky, but definetly get the kind that comes in sheets instead of the little tuffs you fill in like cotton balls. That would have been nearly impossible. 

The back of the chair is the only part I had to get a little creative with being that I didn't have anywhere to staple into. So we stapled the front of the chair fabric into the back of the chair, then cut a piece of fabric, folded it, and pinned it in shape. The we sewed it to the backing that we had already stapled down. 

I'm certainly not an expert and not going to be chasing down these projects to do regularly, but I was super pleased with how it turned out and pumped to know if I found an awesome piece, I could tackle it! And the little sister is pleased so that's a win.