DIY Boxwood Wreath

So I have been wanting a wreath like this for my spare bedroom ever since I found the white door. Problem is everywhere I have looked they are CRAZY expensive, especially for a full sized one. Seriously, I'm talking $80-$120 for a wreath. And being that I simply cannot justify paying for something overpriced when I can make it myself, I came up with this DIY. I now have a 24 inch wreath for $35! Now that is way closer to what I am willing to spend on a wreath. Yeesh!

These are the supplies you'll need. I used 17 stems, a 24 inch metal wreath base, and hot glue. I also used some fishing line to tie each piece securely to the frame. 

So I broke the stems off of each piece, threaded the remainder through the frame, and secured it with hot glue and the fishing line. I over lapped each branch to try to cover up the frame as I went. I glued a few of the branches together as I went to keep the strays in a circular shape, but most of them I left a little more wild. 

I just slowly worked my way around the frame, tying and gluing as I went. I tried really hard to make sure that I overlapped them enough so that nothing showed through and it seemed full!

It would be really easy to add a ribbon or a letter  to this frame to make it really fun for the front door! I chose to keep this one simple though, because of where I was putting it. Part of my effort to add green to every room! (both real and alive lol)