Snail Mail

I have always loved getting letters in the mail. My grandparents are always great about sending a cute card for every holiday, and it hasn't changed even as I've gotten older.

My mom always drilled it into our heads that when you got a gift you wrote a thank you card. No matter how small a gift, or who it was from, you wrote a card. So I still do this, and force my husband to as well. It's just one of those things I think is classy. If someone took the time to get you something specifically for you, then they at least deserve the small amount of time/effort it takes to write a card thanking them for thinking of you. 

Any sort of mail that doesn't involve bills is the best though. When you order something and you pull in to see a package on the doorstep or open your mailbox to see a simple letter of encouragement from a friend is so fun! It's little, but it's exciting to open something and know someone was thinking of you!

I am SUPER excited to have discovered A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail! I just signed up and for $15 a month you get all sorts of assorted pretty paper products! This picture below is just from February. Thats right, just ONE months worth and you get all of this. It's a #prettypaperjunkie 's dream. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.48.56 PM.png

I totally love technology and am not bashing it at all (clearly, being I am using it to write this), but there is something so nice about a handwritten letter from someone. The same words used in a text message become so much more heartfelt when it's on a card. Love me some snail mail. 

Another place I am always excited about is WhatThePrint. I'm all about any opportunity to buy from a local, small business and a special connection with this one doesn't hurt ;) 

She has all sorts of print designs available for either instant download, for print, or even some on pillows!


Another lady I love to buy from is Beth of Bpaperie! Her attention to detail is fantastic and you can bet her grammar and spelling are on point! :) I buy a calendar from her every year and a some prints and cards in between! Her stuff is also for sale at Block Party Handmade which hopefully I will be talking to soon!

My last go to spot for paper products is none other than the Paper Source. Holy Mother of Paper. I absolutely love this store. It is so bright and happy and filled with all things creative. So many wonderful gifts and knick knacks fill this place. Dangerous for anyone who is counting down the days until their next paycheck. 

So moral of the story is write your thank you cards, send a letter of encouragement or random note of kindness, and love all things paper.