Living Room Before & After

I am super excited about this official launch of before and afters. The living room is the first room that I would consider almost done. We still need to get new ceiling fans in order to continue my battle against the brass, but being that we have a vaulted ceiling, we are waiting for someone with an extremely tall ladder and patience to offer up their services. 

So as we "finish" updating each segment of the house I will post an update showing the before and afters to show off our hard work!

We got very lucky with our house when we found it. 90% of the "problems" with it were cosmetic. All of the important things like the roof, windows, doors, foundation ect. all checked off and were in good shape. That being said the cosmetic aspects of the house had not been touched in approximately 20 years.

I could act like this was something dreaded, or something that I didn't want to deal with, but let's be serious. I love this stuff. Overwhelming at times, yes. Worth it? Heck yes. And so the fun began. 

To give you an idea of what we were working with here are a few of the before photos of the room. 

Few things to note about this high quality photo. ONE the awesome curtains that were filled with dust. When we actually walked through the house there was a GIANT box tv in this corner that was real classy looking. Also note the tile. MMMMM so pretty. 

This wall contained a wooden bar where a quilt hung from the wall and all other sorts of "country" decor. 

Note the awesome ceiling fan and the portrait lighting. Both brass. 

SO big room, awesome wooden beam, and potential. Lots of fixtures that had to go. 

This is the wall by the front door now. These bookcases were $19 a piece at a second hand store and after a few coats of paint and new hardware I think they frame this window perfectly, tying this wall into the rest of the room. 

Another huge tip is curtains. We hung the curtains both wider, taller, and to the floor than the actual window and it makes for a much more open dramatic affect.  

So instead of the quilt wall, we opted for a large gallery wall instead. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, Lord knows I love a good gallery wall. 

I also can't get over how cute this little table is. It fits perfectly on this wall and is sturdy enough to handle two dogs running in circles around it. 

This fireplace makes my heart happy. The stone matches the stone on the outside of our house. I Love being able to decorate for each season and hanging stockings on an actual mantle this year just about made my heart burst. 

When I don't casually have a fire going, my dad and I built this awesome insert. Again, can't stand all the old 90's brass in the house so we came up with this to cover it! It's a black painted piece of plywood and then a bunch of 2-3 inch pieces of wood made to look like the fireplace is filled to the brim. Great part is all you do is wiggle it out, set it aside, and light your fire like normal as opposed to having to take out every single log each time you want to use the fireplace. 

Cute little rustic details on the mantle. Desperately want a larger version of this wreath for my front door for spring, so feel free to tell me where I can get my hands on one. 

This trunk is my absolute favorite. We use it as our coffee table, and it also houses our extra blankets. It was starting to become really damaged and peel, but with a little TLC I think it's beautiful again. 

What's not to love about extra seating that doubles as a side table?

So I would say it is a huge improvement. Yes it is loud and colorful, but it makes me happy! No more awkward curtains, no more quilts (unless for cuddling), no more portrait lighting, no more brass. 

Next up is giving our entrance "foyer" (more of a wall really) a much needed face lift and we are supposedly about two weeks out on having our kitchen done! EEK!