5 tips for my country cottage kitchen

Having a home decor and DIY blog I am constantly dreaming of my next project. I love looking at a room and seeing it's potential. I also might be known for moving furniture and rearranging things on the wall before my husband gets home. 

Our kitchen reno was the biggest one we've done so far to the house. But now it's been fun to pull together the final details! 

So here are some key elements to help you pull together your own country kitchen!

1. I love these neutral paint colors.
I like combining grays and nudes to create a cozy atmosphere. Plus then you can change details to give your room a different look, without having to change your basics. 

2. Open Shelves + Wood Elements
Open shelving is my favorite. It's such a fun way to show off your favorite dishes, glasses, and storage! Plus any way to incorporate wood into a kitchen is ideal for adding warmth.

Oak Furniture UK

Oak Furniture UK

3. Farmhouse sink
The ultimate when it comes to classic country kitchen elements. Such a splurge item, but worth every penny. Think about all the pots, pans, and babies that could be washed in here!

4. Coffee Bar/Drink Station
This is such a fun way to display all of your coffee supplies. And the cute coffee mugs that go with it! Decor + storage + efficient.  

Oak Furniture Uk

Oak Furniture Uk

5. Personal, colorful knick knacks
Nothing says country kitchen better than personal items on display. Mix it in with a few pops of color, and you'll have the place feeling like home in no time. 

This is a sponsored blog post that contains affiliate links to Oak Furniture UK! Although this post is sponsored the opinions are all my own.