Being Real + a Giveaway!

I have a genuine soft spot for children's books. I tore through books as a child, absolutely loving the escape they offered and their ability to take you to another place. I can vividly remember my two sisters and I piling into my bed in my childhood home every night where my dad would read us a chapter before bed. They will, without a doubt, be my favorite thing to search for and purchase when I have children of my own. 


That is why I simply cannot wait to share with you my latest collaboration with Vita Boutique. The Velveteen Rabbit is one of the sweetest childhood books there is, that has been read, loved, and passed down by generations since 1922. 



It is filled with all sorts of life lessons, ranging from teaching you to be strong, that love sometimes hurts, confidence, and that sometimes life if hard. Pretty impressive for a children's book right? So when Sydney reached out I just had to say yes! 

She creates all sorts of custom signs for the home, that you can check out at her etsy page here. I just had to have this one, because it reminded me of such fond memories of my childhood. I literally squealed when it arrived on my front porch. It's such a wonderful statement piece, and I can't wait to have it as a focal point in a nursery someday. Check out her page to see some of her other work yourself! Plus don't forget to enter our giveaway over on Instagram to try to win a sign of your own!