Life Lately 4/3-4/10

Things I'm excited about

1. We are one week away from going to NYC! I cannot wait to see Aaron's brother and girlfriend Alison! Plus I just found out I get to go to a taping of Rachael Ray! How fun is that?

2. Wyatt officially got the clean bill of health yesterday. Both Wyatt and Finn are adopted lab mixes and came to us sick. Between being puppies and being exposed to so much, it has taken forever to get them healthy but they finally both are! (this is them worn out after a long walk at my parents)

3. The Flea Off Market is this weekend! I haven't been yet this year and have been dying to go! Whether I go by myself, with friends, or drag Aaron with me I'm going!


Favorite Internet Finds

1. This bag from For the Love of Letters. It's currently out of stock but I am so getting one as soon as it's available! Plus they have all sorts of cute banners too!

2. I accidentally stumbled upon this girl on Youtube and she's awesome! Check out Grace Weber on Youtube!

3. I love this girls website. Damn Delicious has tons of new recipes I am eager to try, and they don't look crazy complicated!

4. I love Kentucky. Judge me. This shirt from Bourbon Outfitter is pretty much amazing. 


Project Goals

1. We finished the foyer!!! Or almost anyway. I'm waiting on some hooks to be delivered and just need a few finishing touches to add to the shelf, but it's done! Here's a glimpse of what it looks like! More photos to come once it's actually complete!

2. I think I may buy paint this weekend for the spare bedroom. I've been staring at the color swatches all week! I'm needing to slow down a bit on spending so much on the house, so I figure painting will keep me busy for the next couple weeks but not cost very much money!

3. End of April means we're giving our yard a facelift! Getting excited to plant some trees, mulch, and flowers! Winter has everything looking so, well dead. Even the "woods" behind our house is starting to bloom again! Spring is finally here!