If you’re looking for the least likely person to jump on that oily life train, you’ve found her. My name is Jessica Rayome, and it makes me chuckle that I am here, not only using oils, but also now selling them. Call me a skeptic, a realist, analytical, a hard sell, whatever you like, but this was not a part of my plan. But sometimes the best things never are. 

My husband and I have been together since the 8th grade, now almost 15 years ago, so it’s safe to say he’s stuck with me. Together we have a sweet baby boy named Parker Beckett and our two fur babies that we rescued, Finn & Wyatt. 

I’m a DIY obsessed, all things house and home (your girl is on a budget and DIY is my way around that.) Which is why Young Living has been such a natural switch for me as I make my personal care and product switches! This is where I got hooked on Young Living and all they have to offer. 

When I was pregnant with my son, things were pretty tight. I was working two jobs to try and make ends meet, full time as a nurse in the operating room and part time at my gym, and my husband had changed jobs twice during my pregnancy. We were stressed, stretched thin, and didn’t know what to do. We decided that we were going to find a way to get a handle on our debt, because we had a baby on the way and wanted to make sure we were able to take care of him. So with a two month old and me still on maternity leave, we packed up our house we had poured so much time and energy into, and moved. We were able to use the profit on our labor of love to pay off our student loans. Which just happened to be the exact amount each month that we are now paying in childcare. Ironic, huh?

This was the start to the craziest year of my life. In one year we:

+ went from being grade school sweethearts to parents
+ moved into a new home and began renovating it
+ accumulated more medical bills and expenses than we could had ever expected between the three of us
+ both Aaron and I found and changed jobs within two months of one another; mine filled with over a month of travel away from home for training
+ we lost Aaron’s mother who was only 52 to cancer
+ and I stumbled (or was dragged by my cousin-in-law ☺) into the decision to begin my journey with Young Living. 

I am loving making the changes in our home to incorporate healthy living and to get rid of so many toxic chemicals. I’m all about details and education, so my medical brain is soaking up all these resources Young Living had to offer. The amount of information that I was unaware of in regards to products I was using day after day, for years on end, is truly eye opening and terrifying. (If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, please download the app Think Dirty and watch “Stink” on Netflix to get yourself started). The number one person who is going to advocate for your own health and the health of your family is YOU!

It really is true that you make time for what is important to you. Throughout the various stages of my life, I have always thought there is no way I can handle any more than this, or give any more than this. But as I enter each new stage of life, I find myself both capable of, and wanting, more. Not only am I wanting to take better care of my family and their health, but I also want to be able to be a YES person. I want this business to allow me to be able to afford the crazy costs of daycare, take us on vacation, to bring my husband home, help us renovate the 90’s out of our home, and honestly I’d really like to hire someone to clean it every now and then, and maybe have a regularly scheduled pedicure. ☺ Big goals, little goals, and everything in between y’all. 

God has shown me time and time again, that if I am willing to trust, push myself and make the leap, that He will provide. 

As I continue to take steps to grow into the person God intended me to be, I am navigating this journey of health and wellness with the use of essential oils and I couldn’t be more grateful…or surprised. Young Living essential oils are the real deal and I can’t wait to walk alongside you as you fall in love with them too.