Your Hunter(er) for a Fan is Over

It's no secret that the basement is pretty much Aaron's space. He has his music room down here, the bar set up, and his video games. I promise you, the day we put in a bathroom down here I will never see his again. However, something that it was lacking was a good ceiling fan. Whether you're watching the game, or playing one, apparently you work up a sweat. Enter Hunter Ceiling Fans

This was our light before hand. To be fair, it was a great improvement from the brass and glass octagon thing that was here when we moved in, it just wasn't what we needed. We've moved this light to replace one of our hallway lights. We are one light fixture away from replacing every overhead light in our home. YEESH. 

TA DA! There she is in all her glory, our new fan. You can actually have the blades be light or dark. For now we have them on the dark side, but I like that I have the option. 

We've put in three ceiling fans since we've moved in, this was our fourth. The basement light wasn't framed to handle the weight of the fan, so we had to add this brace in before we could hang it. Our ever wonderful neighbor helped us figure out how to do this in an afternoon. Casual. 

Isn't it awesome!? Aaron is in heaven, and we were able to get rid of the clunky, box fan we had down here previously, so, so am I! Plus, it makes it seem like less of a basement with the double doors and a fan. I'm telling you guys we're getting classy :) 

This post was sponsored by Hunter Ceiling Fans. The fan pictured here is Ocala, the darker option, with the Noble Bronze finish. Check out more of their options on their website at