Whitewashing Brick Fireplace


So this has to be one of the more simple, and yet equally terrifying DIY’s I’ve done to date. When we moved, our living room size shrunk considerably, but there were several things that I knew could be upgraded really easily. One of those was the fireplace. What looked like a brick fireplace was actually, much to our surprise, was a concrete fireplace that had been made to look like brick. Seems like a lot of extra effort considering they would have only needed like 50 bricks, but who asked me. So knowing that would drive me nuts to have it unfinished on the sides, I decided to try my hand at whitewashing before just painting the “brick” entirely white. I think it blends it into the mantle nicely, especially since I knew I was making the wall behind it an accent wall with shiplap. (also I apologize for the quality of the in progress pictures. When you have a newborn, a lot of DIY is done after bedtime lol)


So literally I used white paint, nothing special, and poured it into a solo cup. I did a half and half concentration, with half water, half paint. The biggest point I want to stress is cleaning the fireplace first. I scrubbed it with a brush and rag, and then vacuumed up any dirt. No point in painting something that isn’t going to stay attached.


I wasn’t sure how the painters tape would do, but it held up just fine and we had no drips! I was willing to risk it, since I know this carpet isn’t staying for too long.

So I got to work! I used a raddy old brush I planned to throw away after and a rag. The “bricks” were fairly absorbent but the paint was a mess, so I used the brush to apply, and the rag to work it in.


It was around this time were I stared at the two sides and started to question my decision. But there really wasn’t any undoing it so I kept going. I figured I could always paint it if I hated the look, but I had stared at so many Pinterest boards with the whitewashing that I loved, even more than the painted brick.


I’d say it probably took me about an hour total to complete including taping it, because it was such a small space. Its just really messy, so use a drop cloth or something to cover you things nearby!


I love how it turned out! It reads a bit more cool in these photos for some reason, but I like that it’s not just completely a wall of white! The other walls in our living room are grey, and then I plan on having hardwoods in here hopefully in the spring? (come on tax return!!) so I think everything will come together really nicely!

For $0 and not much time, not to shabby! Or maybe just the right about of shabby (chic? lol oh the corny jokes). I would love to see photos if you give this a try, and feel free to send any questions my way!