What to Do With Hand Me Down Patio Furinture

So spring is officially here, and we are starting to have more beautiful days than not. And it absolutely does something good for my soul. We have gone on more walks and sat on the deck in these few weeks than in quite some while, and I absolutely love it. But our deck was lacking in the decor department! We are hoping to eventually expand our deck, close to the full length of the house, but I have to imagine that is going to cost a pretty penny. So for now, I want to make it a fun place to be! We got this patio furniture from Aaron's parents. It's sturdy, but starting to rust and peel. So at least for this summer. I decided to give it a face lift!

I started with a little sandpaper on the areas with rust, and a good scrub. Then I used about a can and a half for each chair. It took about two coats, both on top, and flipped over to cover all the black. You can see my progress here!

I know it's a simple before and after project, and it really cost hardly anything, but it truly brightened everything up! Such a simple fix to bring a little fun to our deck, until we can buy new furniture. Next I'm thinking of some sort of fun way to have a whole bunch of terracotta pots with herbs hanging out here! Any suggestions?