Sunglasses and Sunflowers


 Is anyone else concerned over how hot it seemed to get all the sudden? I feel like we missed the transition from spring to summer. We did one of those Spartan Races last weekend, and it was 98 degrees. Not counting what it actually felt like. Lucky for me the Glasses Shop has me covered! I've been living outside lately, between the lake and my back porch, and these cute little pink glasses are my go to! And for those of you that need prescription sunglasses, you can get those too! AND you can use the coupon code GSHOT50 to get you 50% off your purchase of sunglasses or eyeglasses online!

I have been living in these high waisted jeans ever since I bought them (much to my husbands dismay. Go figure, he like short hair, I like long, he doesn't like high waisted, I love them. Poor guy.) They go with a ton, they actually have an inseam that your thigh doesn't bust out of, and you don't have to suck in, because your stomach is already under control. I'm a fan. 

As you can tell, I am LOVING that the 90's/hipster vibe is back. The inner hippie in me is rejoicing. 

This was the beautiful sunflower field where I planned to take pictures. But then my inability to break rules kicked in, and I couldn't get past the no trespassing sign, and here we are :)