Simple Window Valences

So I've done this project before and got to change it up a little this weekend for my cousin's bedroom! How fun are these bright colors??? Pretty perfect for a 16 I would day! (Although this is coming from someone who had electric blue walls, clouds on her ceiling, and an orange and magenta bathroom in high school. It's fine, I thought I was cool.) 

So the biggest difference in this round is that I was doing two smaller valences side by side, versus one large one. It's a fairly simple, inexpensive window treatment option when you want to make things look a little more put together. 

We ended up buying one 10 foot long, 10 inch wide board. I had it cut into two 42" pieces, and four 4" pieces, with a little but left over in case I messed up. 

I attached the two end pieces to finish off the frame. You need to have it be wider than your window frame, plus enough space to fit an L bracket. 

We then attached the fabric with a staple gun. Two tips. One make sure the fabric is thick enough so the wood is covered up or that you have another layer of fabric to put underneath it. Two make sure you are an expert wrapper because getting this fabric to lay smooth was impossible. We ironed and starched it, but we could have used my Granny's present wrapping skills. 

We then attached the L brackets to the valences so we knew exactly where they would go and already have the holes drilled. We held up the valence where we wanted it to be on the window and marked the holes to place the screws with a pencil. Then we had to take the L brackets off the valence, put them in the wall, and the hold up the valence and reattach it to the valance. Why did we do it this way, you ask? Try it the other way, you'll see. 

Just kidding. If you try to attach the valence to the wall, which would be the easier way, you don't have enough room for a drill, or screwdriver, and I couldn't be exact enough with those little screw driver bar things. So unless you have your valence sticking out really far from your window, just trust me and save yourself the headache. 

SO that's the finished product! You could do all sorts of things to make them your own, from the size of the board, cutting in a design with a jigsaw, changing out the fabric etc. but we wanted a really clean, simple look. Super happy with it! 

And for goodness sakes, measure twice, cut once!