Shiplap Mantle

So what does a normal person do when they are stressed? Something like eat, run, or binge on Netflix? What do I do? Stare at the garage to see what scraps you have to do something to the house :) 

So this project cost me $5 and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. I realize that if I didn't have the scraps it would have cost more, but when you're literally cleaning out your closets to pay for a last minute trip you booked, you work with what you got. YOLO. 

This is what it looked like before. It was very simple, and once we finished the shiplap wall that sits on the wall opposite the fireplace, the mantel looked a little lacklustre. I liked the idea of adding a little more shiplap to the living room and this seemed like just the thing!

I started with the same strips of plywood that I had cut for the shiplap wall. Again, you can get a sheet of plywood for around $15. I had the hardware store cut it into 8 inch strips. I then cut the boards to about three inches inside the mantle, and then painted them white. (tip: I taped three pennies together to use as spacers to keep everything equal and straight). 

Last, I cut 1x2x8 boards to create a frame and stained them. This mantle is significantly smaller than the wall that is entirely covered with the shiplap, but it helps to tie the two together well! I think that this project could be done for under $50 for the wood, stain, paint, and supplies. I love the drama that it creates on this wall. It definitely makes this a focal point of the room now! If anyone has any styling tips for me on this mantle, please let me know. I'm close, but I can't quite figure out how I want it to look! 

I'd love to see your own versions of this! Please message me with any questions you may have, or even the finished results! Happy crafting!