Shiplap Island

So lately my decorating tendencies all are apparently shifted towards shiplap. Just shiplap everything. So for project number two when I visited my cousin in Birmingham we decided that her island needed something fun. It's right in the center of her home and was painted a very impractical white. Which for a home full of boys, was not working for dirty feet!

She already had these amazing bar stools, so we just took advantage of free babysitting and the giant nail gun in the back of my car. 

This project meant yet another trip to the hardware store, and I'm telling you I should get a job there. Not trying to be rude in the least bit, but it was very much a struggle to find someone who knew how to operate the saw. I ended up showing the guy. So if they tell you they can't cut it, not true, they just may not be trained. 

We bought another sheet of plywood, but for this project we were planning on actually staining the wood, so the Sureply with it already being primed would not work for this. Once we saw the wood floors with her dark cabinets, and chalkboard wall, we decided it would be too much on the island, so we ended up painting it anyway!

Kind of looks like tiger stripes untreated, huh? We taped it off and applied two coats of paint. I highly recommend adding a polyurethane top coat, or poylacrylic if you want a more matte look, since there will be all sorts of little feet sitting on bar stools, kicking, which is the whole point of painting it a darker color, so it doesn't look dirty! 


And that's it! It literally was four boards (we made sure to measure the height of the island, left a little room so the gaps would show, but so we didn't have to cut an awkward sized piece. We decided to leave these boards their full size in length for a nice clean look. I love the color with the floors and the wall. It's the perfect contrast and now really pops when you walk into the room!