Shiplap Entry Way

Adding character and texture to a home is part of what really makes it stand out from others, even if it's a new build. I recently went to Birmingham to visit my cousin, and super normally brought with me two saws, a nail gun, and a drill in the back of my car. It was pretty much DIY week in the Bilotto house, with this entry way being the first of three projects. 

This wall is situated right in between her front door and her garage door. Which made it the perfect landing space for all of their bags, hats, coats, etc. And the best part was we only spent about $100 start to finish! (Admittedly she already had the bench, and that's not including the mirror, but still, pretty good price point.) 

This is what it looked like before. Totally fine, but extremely plain. The perfect blank slate!

We made our way to the hardware store, and decided to go with this sureply plywood board that is 14 ft by 8 ft. It was $19.99 a board and we had them cut it into 8 inch boards. Two improvements I would make with how we did it though is this. One I would measure the wall and see if it can be divided equally into the board sizes that you have cut. That way you don't have to make a special sizes piece. Two, I would start from the top and work your way down, that way if you do have a smaller piece it's not in people'e line of vision. 

Next step was to start staggering the boards. We used a nail gun (so necessary, I've done one with just a hammer and nails and will never do so again), and then started going every other from left to right, that way everything didn't line up exactly the same. 

Two coats of bright white paint to finish it off!

We then hung the board with hook that we had stained (this was included in my price estimate) and the kid sized hooks as well! Last was the mirror, and we were done! It took two days, and I am seriously obsessed with how it turned out. I came home and immediately started brainstorming for another wall in my house I needed to add this to. (Master bedroom is the plan, send help lol) 

Beautiful, huh? It's a great place to toss your shoes into the basket, hang up your coat and purse, and keep on moving!