Seaside Before Baby

Mother-Daughter trips really are where it's at. With all the job changes, financial concerns, unexpected surgery, and our pregnancy/preparing for baby Rayome in the last nine months, I didn't really think I would be able to go anywhere before our little man arrived. My mom and I were lucky enough to be able to take this trip together, before I got too far along to travel, although by how I look in some of the pictures, we could tell people were concerned I was so far from home! :) I hate that Aaron and I couldn't go anywhere, but I'm hoping we can have a lot of dates this last month while it's still just the two of us! 

Seaside, Florida is far classier than I am. It was such a quaint, perfectly put together town. We were able to sleep in, lay on the beach, read books, eat all the things, and not worry about our husbands getting mad that we were taking too long to get ready. 

I'm always grateful for one on one time with me and my mom, and if it's beachside even better. I'm pretty sure the woman would drive just about any distance, if someone told her she could stay at the beach. So grateful for such a wonderful mom that has been such a role model to me and how I want to parent my own children. Here are some pictures of our travels, and yes, when you have a giant bump of a stomach, that's mainly what you take pictures of because honestly, how else are you supposed to pose with a basketball?


Oh how I love beach style homes! Honestly lending coastal and farmhouse is goals. Too bad a beach house isn't quite the normal in Kentucky. 


We ate at two amazing restaurants while getting to watch the sunset. I think I ate the best crab cake on the planet while we were here. Pretty sure Michelle would agree. She talked about it for like two days straight. 


Apparently we are not above asking the neighbors to document the washing of our hair. Glad we did though to prove I was capable of taking a photo not looking at my stomach and that my mom was actually there. 


In no way do I drink regularly, but there's something about being told you can't have something. For nine months. This virgin pina colada was delightful, but I will be okay with the real thing here fairly soon. And some real sushi. I've told my father-in-law that's his job when I'm in the hospital is to bring me fresh sushi. He thinks I'm kidding. 


Sometimes prints and products with quotes on them are a bit repetitive. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud. 

And yes, that's strawberries and Nutella and I wish I had some currently. 


We mostly spent our time on the beach, since we were there for such a short amount of time. But we spent a few of our evenings in the little shops and restaurants and absolutely loved how charming it was. Plus food trucks in air streams? #GOALS


Seaside you left us feeling refreshed and grateful in the midst of all the chaos. So thankful we were able to make this happen last minute and counting down to when we can go back with our newest little person in tow!