Right on Tune

Everyone knows I love a good paint project. It's quick, easy, and you can see the results immediately. For someone with very little patience when it comes to home decor, these are the projects I thrive on. 

In our basement we have a room that is dedicated to music. We have several different drums, guitars, and even the classic cow bell. The walls are covered in concert posters, one of which Aaron played in at Papa John's Stadium. Pretty fun, huh?! The keyboard we had though, had seen finer days. It was from the 80's and never did quite recover from the move. As in, it's charger was never recovered. 

So we found this piano online from a really nice family. It had been the wife's since she was eight. I truly can't believe she was willing to part with it. It had definitely seen some love over the years, with cup stains, scratches, and scrapes. And the piano seat fabric left something to be desired. However, it plays great, and over all was in great repair! 

With the help of both of our dads, one piano dolly, a "nice" neighbor, and a bingo truck, we were able to get this guy home free of charge. Not too shabby for someone who is still learning to play!

I looked around at various paint options, but always end up using Annie Sloan! It's so much easier to use, and can do a whole project with one small can, that it's worth the price!

I truly wanted to paint this piano turquoise. However, Aaron adamantly disagreed with me, and being that the basement is mostly his space with the video games, music, and bar, I figured he had a point. 

So I settled for a mint piano bench cover and some pink flowers to give me my pops of color! This dark gray goes great with the rest of the basement and is a good contrast to our lighter walls and baseboards!

My favorite part though, isn't even the piano itself. At my parent's house on top of their piano they have all of their parents and grandparent's wedding photos, and I wanted to do the same! It's been a bit challenging since we have NINE sets of parents and grandparents, but I'm 2/3 of the way there!

I really do think that's just about it on our basement renovation! Which is so crazy, because just before Christmas, I hated our basement. Now it's one of the nicer parts of the house! We have a few small projects to finish up, and one giant bathroom creation ($$$), but over all I absolutely love it! 

What projects are you working on lately? Any paint suggestions you think I should try? I'd love to hear your ideas!