Porch Swing Before & After

With so many things that we want to do to our home, there always seems to be the debate on what do we save up for and what do we make due with for now. While we would someday like to have awesome patio furniture with porch swings and a screened in porch, we're not quite there yet. When I was little, I used to go over to my grandparents every day after school. Any opportunity I had, I would sit on my grandma's porch swing and do homework. So for $40 I decided it was worth it to at least have something to enjoy our big backyard in, now that the weather is finally lowering from Hades acceptable temperatures. 

I think this is one of the few times I may have gotten swindled with a craigslist/mamma swap exchange. It was literally falling apart, rusted, and some of the wood was in pitiful shape. I don't think it will be a forever piece, but hopefully, with some help, it will at least get me through the next few years!

After reinforcing this guy with over a dozen screws to make sure it was sturdy again, I sanded everything. Worse before better right? As much paint as I could get off, the better, hopefully to prevent it from peeling too bad in the future. 

Then comes good old Rust-Oleum. Two cans of this and it was at least presentable! Certainly not perfect, but we'll call it rustic. Throw on a cushion to sit on and I can pretty much guarantee that Aaron and I will spend hours out here this fall reading, him in his ENO and me in my swing.