Traveling with friends may the most fun ever. And road tripping it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras is a definite recipe for a good time. I may be way behind on posting this, but it was too great to not write about. 

My husband Aaron and I, and another couple headed down to New Orleans for five days back in February. We stayed in this adorable Airbnb that was an old shotgun house. It had been fixed up and decorated, covered in maps, and hot air balloons, and filled with color. It was just close enough to walk to everything the whole week, but far away enough we actually got some sleep. 

We ate more delicious food this week than I ever have before in my life. From hole in the wall restaurants on the second story of a home, to the famous Antoine's where we tried oysters rockefeller for the first time, it was definetly a good thing that we had to walk all over the city. 

People came from all over, starting the Friday before, but on actual Mardi Gras, everyone just flooded the streets and paraded around. There was music, dancing, food, and floats. Everyone was dressed up, and the crazier and more off the wall the outfit, the better! People filled the balconies and threw all sorts of beads and toys just for fun, especially to the kids. There were parades of all kinds the whole week, with huge floats, marching bands, horses, flame throwers, you name it. 

We got our beignets and coffee from Cafe Du Monde, and quickly realized that wearing black, may not have been the best color choice.

Two of the other things we got to enjoy while we were there were going to the aquarium (PLEASE look at Aaron's face in that photo with the penguins. I die.) and a concert at Preservation Hall. This was one of the coolest and most authentic experiences I have had, and we almost didn't go if it weren't for Aaron!

Preservation Hall was founded to preserve and protect original New Orleans jazz. It is an intimate, (read tiny), concert hall, where so many legends got their start. It was severely damaged in Katrina, but they continue to use the space for it's history. They play concerts seven nights a week where you can witness the best of traditional New Orleans jazz. We waited outside in a line for almost an hour, and sat on the floor directly in front of the band. Believe me it was worth the wait, and honestly made the experience even better. And watching my husband, watch them play, was the absolute best. As much as he loves music and history, this was one of the happiest I've seen him. 

New Orleans was some of the most fun I have had. I love the people we were with, the place we stayed was adorable, the food was amazing, the culture and history were rich, and the fun was 10/10.