Natural Simple Shelving Option

So one of the biggest struggles that comes with renting a place is that there never seems to be enough storage. Never enough cabinets to give you counter space, never enough closets to hide things in, let alone let you organize. So this weekend my cousin asked me to help her with a super easy project, to give her a little bit more room, and a fun focal point in her kitchen. 

The supplies were easy. 
1. Two untreated boards
2. Four L- Brackets
3. Four Hooks
4. Pack of Screws
5. Drill, Ruler, & Leveler

All we did was screw the brackets into the wood at equal distance on all four sides. We used the hooks as the screw in the front of the L brackets so she can use them to hang various things from them. 

Here is the first shelf mounted, leaving enough space for the second shelf to be added below. 

We certainly could have painted or stained these boards, but the natural look was very clean and offered a simple way to brighten up her kitchen.

 Add a few decorations and you have a fun little space to display your favorite items, away from the clutter of the counter tops! I love the idea of the mugs and measuring cups hanging from the hooks! You could also do tea towels and maybe use the shelves for fun items like a kitchen timer, candles you want out of reach from the kids, our to have your favorite coffee mug handy in the morning!  It only took a few minutes to put together, but made such a difference in her small space!