Kitchen Before & After

I think the kitchen was probably the room that underwent the biggest transformation in our home. I also think this may be the hardest room to leave just due to the amount of effort it took. Painting cabinets was no small feat, and I've got to psych myself up to do it again in our new home! Plus that sink.


You can see from the before pictures we kept the same layout, but pretty much changed all the design elements. It had a wallpaper border above the cabinets (two layers of wallpaper, so fun). We took down a set of cabinets to opt for open shelving, painted everything, and put in new countertops, a sink, and backsplash. 

I just wasn't feeling the green counters :)

download (3).jpeg
download (4).jpeg
download (5).jpeg
download (6).jpeg


1.  Paint the cabinets, I really am hoping now that I've done so many painting projects, that this will go quicker at the next house. Any & all suggestions welcome. 
2. Change out all the hardware. These drawer pulls are my absolute favorite style
3. Take down cabinet for open shelving. (I think next time I'm going to try and be more patient and wait for Aaron to be home, rather than stacking up a bunch of pillows for it to drop on and taking it down myself). 
4. Cut out the face of four of the cabinets & replaced with glass
5. Installed new counters, including more space to create an overhang on the peninsula for bar seating
6. Added bead board to the peninsula and as the backsplash We opted for subway tile behind the stove!
7. Installed my dream sink and faucet. Aaron and I plan to save up for counters and a sink at the new house, but it's going to be a while and that may be slowly killing me inside. Even though I like my design for the new kitchen even more than this one!
8. Created these industrial shelves and made the wall a chalkboard. It's been such a fun way to have our grocery list and meals for the week right in front of us!
9. Replaced the door to the basement with a glass paneled one. This removed confusion people had with which door was the pantry and which one led to the basement!
10. Created a chalkboard on the pantry door. Clearly I am going to need a chalkboard wall somewhere in the new kitchen. 

download (1).jpeg
download (2).jpeg

It's kind of crazy that once we painted everything, the white appliances never really bothered me. They just kind of blended in. We figured we would replace them someday, but only when they broke. No sense in spending that kind of money when I clearly had 10,000 other projects I wanted to do!

Less than 2 weeks left in our home and I am all over the place on emotions. Sad to be leaving a place that we poured so much into. Excited for our new house and all that that will bring in regards to family and finances. Overwhelmed that I still haven't packed everything. And tired, because you know, that whole newborn thing. 2018 is definetley a new chapter in our lives!