IKEA coffee table upgrade

Hi friends! With the long list of things I want to do to the house, and those ever pesky bills that have to be paid, I'm all about a makeover on a budget. We bought this super basic IKEA coffee table from our friends when we bought their couch. The size works well, but it had several scratches on it and just wasn't anything too special. 

Enter my ever favorite, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This was the perfect paint for the slick legs on this table. Because of how dark it was I ended up doing three coats, but probably could have stopped after two. 

I just got two of your standard boards from Home Depot. I used two 1 inch by 8 inch boards and cut them in half for my four pieces. I used a skinny piece in the middle to give it the diameter I was looking for. 

Because this table is not actually made of wood, but some sort of hallow material, this heavy duty construction glue was the way to go to attach everything. This was actually easier than a drill would have been because I could slide the pieces around slightly, before they dried, to get them exactly where I wanted them.  


I honestly considered leaving it this light color wood and just sealing it. I really liked how bright it was. But with our bar table being darker, and in order to tie the room together better, I opted for a medium dark stain. 

One coat of stain and three coats of sealant so that I can easily clean it and it was done! Super simple and inexpensive facelift to a boring table!