How To Replace Your Outdated Vanity

I simply cannot wait to show you the before and after pictures of this bathroom. It has seriously come such a long way and we have been slowly improving it over the last two years. For today though, I want to focus on our latest improvement, the sink!

So this is only stage two of the vanity make over. When I post my before and after photos of this room, you'll see when we moved in we quickly painted the cabinets black, changed out the hardware, and got a new faucet. This helped a bunch to make it look a lot nicer, but there is only so much that can be done to camouflage a seashell sink. Don't ask me why I hate them so much, but I really do. Bad, bad design choice 90's.  

So funny thing about if something has been attached to a wall for 25+ years. Even if you do everything right, use a razor to cut, even pressure with the crowbar etc., you still might pull up wall. No bueno. 

We were able to get the top off after a little encouragement and being sure to disconnect everything from the pipes. MAKE SURE YOUR WATER IS TURNED OFF. 

Then we unscrewed the vanity base from the wall and wiggled it loose. Again, it wasn't very attached, but is something sits for as long as it did it took some encouragement. Also I'm not surprised that they didn't bother to put the floor down before putting the sink in. Pretty typical of how everything was done in the house. 

The plumbing caused us a stumbling block when trying to get these pieces switched out. Although the new vanity is only 4 inches taller than the old one, it has several shelves that interfered with how the pipes were set up. Luckily, we've recently become friends with some of our neighbors that helped us readjust so that it would fit with the new set up. Now we just need to tighten a few things and stop a leak and we should be all set to go!

Doesn't it look fantastic!? So very pleased with how it tuned out, and it ties into my kitchen seamlessly. Can't wait to get a basket and a some towels to put on that bottom shelf for guests! 

You can check out this Martha Stuart vanity out from Home Depot! Keep a look out for a sale though, I got about $100 off!