First Days of Summer


Anyone else just happier when it's summer? Tank tops, sunshine, and the water is pretty much my idea of perfect. PLUS this little sister of mine is back after a semester abroad. We may not look too much alike (all three of my siblings are blonde and blue eyed! And tall.), but her and my personalities are WAY too alike for our own good. But she gets my brand of crazy. Now if only I could get all four of us in the same city for longer than a week, I would be happy!

I'm am just all the heart eyed emojis over this jumpsuit Kayla is wearing. I have been wanting something like this forever, and am so jealous she gets to rock it! Plus the fact that it's one piece, so all you have to figure out is shoes, is pretty ideal too. 

As far as my outfit goes, I have been all about the white shirts this year. I feel like they just scream, "IT"S AFTER MEMORIAL DAY SO IT MUST BE SUMMER AND I CAN WEAR WHITE WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!" Or something like that. My husband is not on the high waisted team, but coming from someone who is constantly tugging on their shorts because of their hips, I am all about it. Pair that with my boots I scored at Goodwill (judge away, they were an actual steal), and I feel fierce.

Now bring on all the summer activities where we can rock these outfits! 

Check out these two outfits and more over at!