Bathroom Before & After


When we bought this house, there were only two things that I actually hated. One was the green countertops in our kitchen. The other was this bathroom.

Honestly, it's impressive the amount of time it took to paint these stripes. No it's not wallpaper! But between the blue and periwinkle stripes and the seashell sink, this bathroom had me cringing. And with us having a two bathroom home, this is the one everyone would be seeing!


Bathroom renovations are expensive. Plus being new home owners, we had no idea what we were doing. So this was our temporary bandaid for a few years. I painted the cabinet and changed out the hardware, changed out the light fixture and faucet, and framed the existing mirror. Plus A LOT of paint. It took 6 coats to cover up those stripes. No idea why no one told me about Kilz, but live and learn I guess?


So about a year ago, I decided I really wanted to finish this space (Am I ever actually finished? Answer: Probably not.) So here is what we did. 


Project List

1. Paint the walls (again). Shocking, I painted them gray lol
2. Shiplap the main wall. I just really thought with this being a small space, it needed a little punch. It was the first time I had painted shiplap something other than white and I am really happy with the result. 
3. Take down mirror and recenter light fixture. The previous owners had the light fixture off center because they had damaged the drywall so badly in the attempt to hang it. So for 2 years it was slightly to the right, driving me nutty. Now it's centered and all is well again. 
4. Replace Vanity. I considered just replacing the vanity top on the original, but honestly, by the time I paid for the new counter, sink, and faucet, it was just as much as replacing the whole thing. You can check out here for how we did it. 
5. Create hooks for towels and drive to Indiana and back looking for the BATH letters
6. Make Floating Box shelves
7. The last two things I was going to do was to replace the tub and the floor. But I am happy to pass that baton on to the new home owners. But cosmetically, I am really proud of this space! Especially since it involved a little bit of plumbing! (Thank you Aaron)