house front.jpg

It's officially been two weeks since we moved out of our old house. It's such a weird feeling that it doesn't belong to us anymore! We are loving our new home though, and can't wait to start creating memories here (and can't wait to be done unpacking boxes!). 

So for my final before and after post for our first house together, I thought I would show you the changes we made to the outside. 

Our house had been without someone living int it for 8 months when we bought it. So everything had just been sitting for a while and was very overgrown. Here are a few of the before photos. 


You can barely see the front porch over all the bushes and trees. When you sat down in a rocker on the porch, you couldn't see over the bushes. It was something. And what I lovingly reffered to as the mushroom tree, was once one of those fun spiral trees. We think. 


The trees were all too close to the house and all of the bushes had gotten way too big and made it difficult to use the walkway. The shutters also completely blend into the house color. 


Yes those were all weeds. Heaven help me. 



2. Powerwash
3. Build Railing
4. Install Fence
5. Paint Shutters
6. Rip Out/Plant new flowers and bushes
7. Install new light fixtures


This railing around the porch, and then walking up to the house from the driveway made such a difference. First of all it made it way safer with the drop on the porch, and then made it much easier getting up both sets of stairs. 

We ended up deciding to just rip our all of the bushes and trees and start over. They were too far gone to cut back. So cue a pickup and metal chains in the front yard. Quite the site.

So after cleaning up the landscaping, adding new greenery and tons of flowers, power washing the siding, painting the shutters and new railing, and getting rid of the dated light fixtures, it really started to look bright and clean when you walked up. 

Had we stayed there longer I had plans to paint the siding a charcoal gray and change the shutters to black or wooden ones to really make it pop. That, combined with the white railing, would have really been wonderful! Unfortunately, Aaron and I have yet to win the lottery yet, so it's a project at a time. But just so you can visualize what I was thinking!


God bless the family and friends that helped us install this fence. We did this ourselves and it was quite the project. Actually it was so involved that Aaron said it was definitely the first and last fence he would ever build, and I'm pretty sure his friends would say the same thing. LOL 

Funny story about this fence. I ordered the materials because we were planning on installing it ourselves to save on costs. I ordered them unassembled. Obviously. It was a fence, we knew we would have to put it together. Right?

When it was delivered it came in maybe 10 small boxes. I was like, "Where is the rest of it? Like the panels and stuff?" Oh don't worry. I ordered the whole fence in individual pieces. so every panel (which we had somewhere in the ballpark of 50) had to be built using approximately 47 screws. Whoops. 

Add in the fact that my dog somehow managed to lock me out of the house by jumping up on the door and shutting it, made for quite the weekend. 


We put so much love and effort into this home. I genuinely am so thankful for our time there; the memories we made, the skills we learned about home ownership, and the friendships that will last well beyond our time there. It's so wild to think about the Aaron and I we were in grade school, that grew to have so many hopes and dreams for the future, and now to be living those dreams. Our lives may not be perfect, but I sure love all my people something fiercely. So here's to a new chapter in our story, new memories of raising our family together, and the friends and family who helped us get here.