Dock a Tot

***I received products compliments of DockATot ***


Look at that sweet face. It’s crazy how much he has grown and even crazier to me that he is already three months old. Time really does seem to move faster since we’ve had him! I would hold and cuddle with him all day long if I could. But realistically that’s not possible! Luckily DockATot has me covered.

DockATot is a multi-functional lounger with two sizes, the Deluxe for 0-8 months and the Grand for 9-36 months. Parker has the the Deluxe for now! When I need a second to get ready for the day, or to try to tidy up the house, or to set him down for a nap, I need somewhere to put him where I can watch him and know he’ll be safe. I love that I can easily tote it around the house with me to wherever I need to be. And since we’re currently still unpacking, that’s pretty much all over.


For someone that doesn’t know how to crawl yet, Parker is the most active little boy I know. He is always so busy, working his arms and legs, scooting all over the place. He is so curious, taking in everything around him. Our dogs, Finn and Wyatt, love our sweet boy, and have taken to hanging right next to him whenever possible! Finn even lets me know when I need to step up my mom skills. If Parker is crying and I don’t immediately rush to pick him up, he tries to soothe Parker himself, by licking him and then comes and gets me, nudging me to hurry up!


Whether on the bed, or on the floor, I always like to have Parker close by where I can see him! We’ve tried to be noisy since having him, running the vacuum, music playing, and things like that, since we know that we can’t control when the dogs bark or doorbell rings. So setting him in his DockATot right along side of where ever I am working has been great! Like right now typing this, he is on the floor right next to me, in his DockATot, watching the ceiling fan, kicking, and cooing.

DockATot is OEKO-TEX certified, tested for breathability, all natural, 100% cotton, and handmade in Europe. It also comes in all sorts of colors and patterns for whatever your style. I loved all of the floral designs, but figured the chevron was a good neutral!


Learning to balance everything has been hard. Being a new mom, trying to get sleep, packing up and moving, going back to work full time, trying to simply run a house and at least keep the dirt and grass outside, let alone clean it, has been hard. But with help from awesome family and friends, and a few clutch toys and devices like DockATot, we are living our best life with our little guy and could not be more grateful!