DIY Board & Batten


So it turns out that trying to move, work full time, and renovate a house is a little harder with a newborn baby. Who knew? LOL But I have been painting up a storm over here, racing to get the entire house painted before Parker starts walking. Because let’s be honest, once he’s fully mobile, painting is pretty much coming to a screeching halt. I have 2.5 rooms left, so we’ll see what I can do!!

Oh my goodness, I could not be more obsessed with how this project turned out. This room is currently being used as our guest room, but eventually it will be Parker’s bedroom once he moves out of the nursery. So I liked the idea of painting it blue, but it seemed like it would be way too dark in a small room to paint it all blue. Enter my DIY board and batten. For $70 this room looks completely bright and custom. And no it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me!


This is the before! I almost forgot to take a picture! I painted all the walls the blue green color I wanted. It’s hard to capture the exact color, but it’s basically a jungle blue/green. I wanted the board and batten to be taller than the bed, because we may eventually be using this bed in here again and I wanted the shelf to work okay with what we had. I will tell you that painting both with dark paint and with white paint takes a lot of coats because every little spot shows through with both colors! Oy.


For our particular space, I got three boards to use for the horizontal pieces that were 12 foot boards we cut to size and eight 4 ft boards. My biggest tip is to check the boards out to make sure they’re straight. I didn’t well enough and one of our longer boards was bowed and we had to really work with it to make it work okay. Again, we’re definitely trying to do upgrades cheaply, but if I had paid someone to do it that would have bothered me. For $70 I don’t care at all :)


We used our handy dandy nail gun and place the horizontal board on tip of our vertical pieces that we spaces 16 inches apart along our 11.5 foot long wall. We the took the final horizontal piece and placed it like a shelf and nailed it in place using the lip from the other horizontal piece to secure it into. I’m not saying you could put anything giant up there, but a few little signs and toy cars could go up there no problem.


Last up was to caulk up any seems or holes as best I could to make it all look connected and more polished. The more white paint and I was done!


Isn’t it so pretty?!?! I’m super proud of it, and it gives me the confidence to try out our next wood project in our office in the coming months. But I really need to hurry up and finish all this painting!