DIY Airplane Shelf


So I have been trying to figure out what I want this nursery to look like for several months now. We knew we wanted a travel theme, but now we're actually settling on what we want to put where, what we're going to make, what we're going to buy, and what we're going to register for. This is the one part I feel like I have control over, so I'm getting very OCD about how I want it to turn out!

I absolutely loved this airplane shelf. I first saw it online, but is was exceptionally overpriced and it was also only available for purchase in a foreign country. So not only was it expensive, but heaven help me on the shipping costs. So we decided to give making our own a try! The basic supplies we had, only having to cut the wood down to certain sizes, and get a few missing pieces. 


I went with two foot boards that Aaron rounded off the fronts for me with a jigsaw. The triangle pieces are for the wheels, the thicker piece is for the body of the plane, and the circular ones are to connect the two wings. 


I used screws to connect the top and bottom pieces. Being that this was going to be slightly over my head where the rocker sits, I want to know it is well put together. I used wood putty to fill in the marks, so when I painted over it, you didn't notice. 


To attach the body of the plane and the wheels, I just used wood glue. They had almost no weight and the shelf would not be held up by these pieces. 


Next came paint! I have no idea what the model airplane/train paint is for, but it's certainly not for me (I made a complete mess). Just good old fashioned multipurpose craft paint for me please!


I was able to find cheap little packs of airplane and car models for the wheels and the propeller at Hobby Lobby. My thought was that this would be cheaper than other stores that sold model planes. We know this from another project coming down the line that sweet Aaron gets to (has to?) help me with.  :)  We spray painted the propeller bright red and then glued on both it and the wheels.  And in just 24 hours it was complete! Definetly not worth shipping it from Russia. I think we spent just under $30 give or take on this since we had some of the wood already. Not to shabby and it pairs perfectly with these little cloud shelves we found for the reading nook!


I can't wait to see this space finished because it will mean we are getting closer and closer to meeting our sweet boy! But for now, it's one more sweet project I get to check off the list!