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Front Porch Sitting

Hey friends! Finally finished the railing on the porch, just in time for the weather to change! The outside of the house has been a slow project the past two years, but take a look at the progress we've made. I am really interested in trying to paint the house and our shutters this spring. Imagine our new, white railing, with grey vinyl, and black shutters. Any tips or suggestions on what to use? Check out the photos below to see the changes we've made!

Just a little flash back for you, these crazy bushes were so tall in the front yard that when you sat on the rockers, you couldn't see over them. And check out how overgrown our walkway was!

SO step one was tearing out all of the old landscaping. It was so overgrown, there was no saving it. Step two was attaching the railing to the posts and house. The REALLY hard part for me was that after this had to dry out for three months. I HATE an unfinished project, so this was a serious test of my patience. 

So the painting was exciting to start, but turned out to be quite the undertaking. Definitely budget enough time for this. I thought it would take a weekend and it took over two weeks. I did one coat of primer and two coats of paint to cover everything. 

So that's it! I love how polished it looks now, and it is much safer. Our grandparents can get up the steps easier and the railing on the porch will keep the littles from falling off. Another project checked off the list!