Build Your Own Firepit

So something my dad and I have always agreed on is the outdoors. He used to take us camping when we were little, always tried to take us fishing (although much to his dismay, we took to the grub worms as pets), and of course, sports. While our days of playing and coaching sports together are over, we've now bonded over hilariously adulty things, like house projects. His latest one is pretty impressive, and I can't wait to give it a whirl at our place!

So he started out my going to his friend's farm and fishing out these oversized rocks from a creek. Talk about authentic. He had to try a lot harder than just going to the hardware store and picking out matching ones to make sure that these could fit together, but if you're trying to replicate this, you certainly could go the commercial route. 

He then mapped out where he wanted the fire pit to go. Tip on making the circles perfect, take a stake and place it in the center of where you want it to go and attach a string. Then walk in a circle with your spray paint (you can tie tie the string to the spray paint) to keep everything equal. He dug out this part of the ground to make it a really firm base that would not sink or grow uneven. 

He then filled this area with cement and covered it, giving it time to dry. I've heard a couple of ideas on how to remove grass when I researched. I saw suggested just covering it with rock directly, laying down newspaper before adding your mulch or rock, or even as time consuming as digging up the entire top layer of grass and tearing it out. What has worked well for you in the past?

He used these metal trim pieces that fit together to shape out both the area around the fire pit he wanted and the space under the trellis where our hammock goes. He then filled this in with large rock first, and the covered it with nice, rounded pebble rock both for aesthetic purposes and so you could walk barefoot. The rock was actually, surprisingly cheap. 

He even flattened it out with one of those heavy duty, cement rollers to make sure it started out even. 

One of the last things he did was the fire pit itself. He got the rocks arranged how he wanted, cementing them in place. My uncle, who happens to be a welder, was able to make him this cool fire grate with handles, to allow air to get under the logs and to provide a better surface to have a fire on. Not to say you couldn't dig this out, but this is definitely a nicer version. 

He finished off the edging with mulch, not only to frame it out, but also to make it significantly easier when they are cutting the grass!

And that's it! This is going to be such a fun space to have, especially in the summer, between the fire pit and the hammock. We already have broken it in Friday night, but you know we will have to use it to make my favorite dessert, s'mores, super soon! Can't wait to try this in my own yard, and until then, I think I'm going to have to instigate many a cookout over here!