Bathroom Reno: Part 3 of 4


When we bought this house 3.5 years ago the spare bathroom was definetly the worst room in the house. We only have two bathrooms, so this is the one that everyone uses and sees. And periwinkle and blue stripes wasn't exactly the look I was going for!

**Disclaimer, I had to have the electricity off for the bulk of this project, so excuse the perpeturally cruddy pictures***

Having to do a bathroom on a budget is annoying and hard! The very first step was painting over these stripes. It took five coats. Honestly, it needed 6 but I gave up. I painted the vanity, changed out the hardware, and for a long time that's all we could afford to do. So the seashell sink stayed. 

About a year ago I think, I finally lost it over the sink I hated so much. I found this one at Home Depot for a fair price and we finally got to rip out the dated seashell sink. Honestly, I don't remember paying this much for it, but in my genuine hatred for this bathroom, maybe I did. I want to say it went on sale for like $250 near the holidays. Either way, I love it. It's classy, modern yet farmhouse, lots of storage, and slightly taller which is nice. 

So the bathroom sat this way for about a year. The light we had replaced was slightly off centered due to the previous owners knocking a giant hole in the wall around it, limited the functional drywall. My sink was amazing, my paint job was just okay. We had framed the original mirror with trim to make it look more put together. We made some floating shelves to replace the broken over the toilet storage which looked nice. Then I got another itch to work on it, but we are literally on the tightest budget ever right now, with baby Rayome on the way. 

Lucky for me (less lucky for Aaron, bless him for putting up with me), we already had all the scrap wood for shiplapping this space, from other projects I had done, for both myself and other people. I received the new mirror for Christmas from my in-laws. So literally all I had to buy was the paint. 


The pictures don't do this wall justice, but it honestly needed something done with it. It was so ridden with holes and spackel, there was hardly any of it that was truly smooth anymore. Plus the holes around the light. So we started again with our fake shiplap! This is the first time I started at the top of the wall, and it was more annoying, and definetly required two people. But it made way more sense to have nice even pieces that you could see, and then have the smaller pieces at the bottom no one would notice. We used our penny spacers again, to keep everything even!


The ones behind the toilet were a pain. I had zero intentions of taking it out just to do this wall. Luckily, with Aaron helping me, he was able to help me wiggle the wood behind it and keep everything even. I was just going to cut little pieces to put on either side and hope for the best. I LOVE that he is more patient than me. 

I don't know why, but I didn't want this bathroom to be white. It's just such a small space, I wanted neutral, but white seemed weird to me (which is weird, because our other bathroom is white). So I went with this semi gloss gray color and LOVE it. I normally don't do semi gloss, but wood in a bathroom? Seemed like a good idea. And we FINALLY got to center the light over the sink! Seriously, it was off like 6 inches before and driving me crazy. 

So as far as shiplap in our home, in my opinion, it's starting to make more sense the more we do because it's more a theme, rather than one random wall. We now have a wall done in our living room, this bathroom, and our bedroom. I would honestly love to just do the room in our bedroom bathroom that has the shower and toilet, and then I have big ideas for the basement that involve a matching bookend, and covering up a foundation concrete wall. But for now, I need to chill.  


Up went the mirror, which I am obsessed with. It's different, but simple enough it's still classy. I like the little bits of black we've added in here, but still think it mixes well with the silver. 

The rest of the decor went back up and now it's done! The last things I want to do in here are replace the tub (I'm dreaming of a regular tub and then white subway tile up the walls) rather than the cream colored insert we have currently, and replace the floor. It's currently a sticker pretending to be a tile floor. Neither of these things can be done though for the price of paint, so for now I have the shower curtain and a rug. Oh the things I could do with an actual house reno budget, but then this page wouldn't be about designing your home on the cheap! What do you think, though? Pretty good improvement over the stripes??? LOL